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  • I have been in considerable pain for almost a year. Dr. Brodke has quickly diagnosed the problem. we have a plan for treatment and if necessary surgery. He seems very knowledgeable. I have been incredibly impressed by him and his staff.
  • Dr Brodke is literally saving my life. Even though the cervical fusion sx was the most difficult I have ever endured and the pain excruciating his staff were concerned, attentive, helpful and very easy to contact. I suffered excruciating headaches for months because of the deterioration in my spine. I am still recuperating but am hopeful I will have vast improvement and quality of life.
  • We were very impressed with the entire visit and the information given and what needed to done.
  • Dr Brodke and his staff has been diligent in working to relieve my problem, compassionate in their care of me, proactive in communicating with me. They have made me feel safe facing what is for me, a very difficult surgery. Thank you
  • I can't even say enough good about Dr. Brodke. He is the consummate professional and exhibits warmth and concern shown by few of his profession. He has surrounded himself with a team of the highest caliber and literally changed my quality of life. He knew exactly what I needed and executed the surgery flawlessly. His care and follow up has given me confidence and peace of mind throughout the healing process.
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Brodke to everyone. He is fully engaged with his clients, you have his complete attention, he listens carefully to what the client says, and he values and invites questions and concerns. I find that Dr. Brodke's recommendations are actually much more applicable to my situation even than I originally wanted.
  • Dr. Brodky is, without a doubt, one of the very best doctor/surgeons I have ever received medical service from. His unique, friendly personality and extremely advanced, well practiced medical procedures put him in the very top of my Preferred Provider's List.
  • Dr Broadke is a total rockstar!! Is not only a fantastic surgeon, but a super nice person. He always makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Dr Brodke is awesome. He actually cares about me and really tries to do what is best yo help me with my difficult situation. His PA Jason was very good too
  • Dr Brodke had been my surgeon for over 10 years. he is the absolute best Best in his field! He is so kind, compassionate and a leader in his field. I feel very fortunate that he is my physician. one of his best attributes is his use of humor to ease my fears snd put me at ease.
  • Dr. Brodke always makes me feel like he is concerned about me as a person, as well as a patient. He is always so busy, but never makes me feel rushed. I think he's awesome!
  • Dr Brodke and Resident were very thorough, professional, focused and efficient. I have a high degree of confidence in Dr Brodke and his staff
  • Dr. Brodke has always been very good to me. because of him I can walk and most of the nerve pain in my legs is gone. I have back pain that is mostly managed but my life is productive and I am so grateful
  • Dr Brodke has been phenomenal in his care for me. He shows concerns regarding my issues and for my care. I recommend him to everyone with similar needs.
  • it was a relief to have Dr Brodke and his team be so interested, caring and thorough in regards to my sons unfortunate situation. Dr Brodke went above and beyond researching the best options for my son and even called our family to discuss options when he was at an airport... This has been a difficult time for my son and we are incredibly thankful and blessed to have Dr Brodke as his surgeon.
  • Dr. Brodke is absolutely the Best!! He gave me my life back. I am forever grateful to him for his skill and expertise. He is just a very lovely man.
  • Dr Brodke has such a wonderful caring demeanor. He is wonderful and seems to care and want to help. my experiences with him have been very positive
  • Dr Brodke and his staff are the best! I always feel listened to, heard, and helped at my visits.
  • Excellent care. Great "bedside manner". They understood my problems, had reviewed my MRI and showed and talked about my MRI in the room. We discussed pluses and minuses of surgery, injections and PT.
  • Dr. Brodke, resident, and student were all very friendly and showed concern.Dr. Brodke was very knowledgeable about my problems and had a plan on how to proceed that gave me hope.
  • Dr. Brodke is an incredible surgeon. He has been very professional since my first visit through my surgery and up to this point. He is very kind and also approachable. He also takes the time to explain things I may not understand and is willing to even repeat them if necessary. He also has a fantastic team that works with him. If you have to have a neck surgery I would highly recommend Dr. Brodke as the one to do the surgery. He has done a fantastic job with my surgery and aftercare. His people have been fantastic as well.
  • Everyone in this office is top notch. My experience was wonderful considering what I was going through. The staff and doctor have helped me out in a huge way. I owe them so much. I appreciate everything.
  • Dr. Brooke appears to be very knowledgeable about the surgery I may be facing in the future. he was also very easy to talk to and ask questions. I was also told I could call later if I had other questions.
  • Dr. Brodke is an amazing physician in all areas; I find al the staff at the clinic to be outstanding
  • Dr. Brodke has great patient report and very thorough in explaining everything. Very friendly and likeable.
  • Dr. Brodke was extremely courteous, easy to talk to and spent a lot of time discussing my care. He made me the primary decision maker in my health care and was always concerned that the treatment plan was improving my symptoms. It is clear that he takes great pride in the services that he is providing
  • Dr. Brodke is excellent. From the beginning of my association with him and his team it has been a positive experience both in the center and in the hospital. Things are explained clearly and with patience. Everyone has a positive attitude.
  • Residents and Dr. Brodke are exceptional. All consider me a part of the "team" in my care which I thoroughly appreciate. Also, explanations are thorough and addressed my concerns. I appreciated the amount of time Dr. Brodke allocated to me for a followup visit.
  • Dr. Brodke and his team have done excellent work with me. It takes the entire group to provide this great care and it's appreciated.
  • I was very impressed by the visit. Dr. Brodke cared, and his fellow was super explaining everything to me
  • Dr. Brodke was very helpful in his explanations. he was more concerned about helping than just doing a surgery. He was very honest in expressing his opinion about the possible out come of any treatments
  • Dr. Brodke is a most caring, pleasant man with a great sense of humor. He is very professional, yet very personable. He has given me back so much of my life through his expertise. He is everything a person needs from their physician. I do recommend him to anyone who will listen. Thank you, Dr. Brodke.
  • My experience with Dr. Brodke has always been extremely positive; I simply couldn't rate him more highly! He is professional and knowledgeable but never shies away from taking extra time to explain the details and procedures, etc. Having said that, he is exceedingly friendly, down-to-earth and is possessed of a marvelous sense of humor. He has the gift of being able to put people at ease and to instill confidence. I always look forward to visiting him and I always come away enlightened, less worried and even a little happier than when I arrived. Dr. Brodke is an exceptional doctor who engenders confidence and ease in his patients.
  • GREAT!!! I felt he put me in the right direction to get this fixed. He was amazing, totally recommend to anybody!!!
  • Dr Brodke is terrific. He is professional, straight forward and compassionate. Moreoever his knowledge and calm manner provides the atmosphere to ask questions.
  • Absolute caring, courteous, competency. We could not ask for better support/performance from Dr Brodke and his staff. Thank you for your care Dr Brodke.
  • I feel so much better after seeing Dr. Brodke. It took a while to get in to see him though. I am in extreme pain and was hard to wait. I had seen two other doctors before Dr. Brodke. They were not the doctors for me. He was friendly, confident and knew just how to help me. Great experience!
  • Dr. Brodke is one of the greatest doctors I know & every visit has been a positive (good) experience.
  • The Dr took as long as needed and answered all my questions. I would commend Dr. to anybody and have already done so many times.
  • I felt Dr. Brodke was confident, not arrogant. He was patient with me and listened carefully---treated me with respect and as an equal----I was very impressed. It's clear he's a VERY good doctor.
  • I have already, many times, expressed to people with similar back problems....that they thought to get in touch with Dr. Brodke and the U of U Orthopedic Center before they give up....he is able to do miracles.
  • Dr. Brodke and his PA were professional, friendly, courteous, and overall made this experience very pleasant.
  • Dr. Brodke has been a true blessing to me - both in terms of his skills as a physician/surgeon and his warm, friendly and concerned interaction. I have recommended him to several people.
  • I have already recommended Dr. Brodke to everyone I know that has back problems
  • Dr Brodke did my back surgery on 1999. He is an amazing surgeon and person. He fixed my back so wonderfully that I forget I have 6 rods 6 screws and a cage in my back. I can touch my toes and I never have had any back pain. He has also operating on 3 extended family members with the same great results. If you want to have back surgery Dr Brodke is the ONLY one you should consider!! He is also a great person who really cares about his patients. I can say enough good about him!!

    Source: Healthgrades

  • I cannot say enough good about Dr. Brodke and his team!! I'm referring everyone I know to this place!!

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